You will learn how to become a better speaker and never be nervous taking the stage.

If you are a lifelong learner with a burning desire to master the art of public speaking for personal and business advancement.

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Learn How The Art of Public Speaking Can Help You In Personal & Business Advancement


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About Bruce Spencer

I had been receiving his newsletter for over ten years when this spring I received an invitation to join his once-a-year Certified World Class Speaker Certification course. The email indicated membership in the 12-week course was limited to 15 members.

I jumped at the chance and so happy that I did. Throughout the 12-weeksof interactive training exercises, accountability partner collaboration, and field work critiqued by Certified World Class coaches, I have become skilled in Craig’s competencies for delivering World Class speeches…and how to leave your audience with a memorable message.

I am a 16-year member of the Blue Diamonds toastmasters club in District 38. I currently serve as club VP Education. I have served multiple times as Area or Division director over those years leading to my DTM. Distinguished Toastmaster Award. And now I can add Certified World Class Speaker Coach to my Toastmaster’s skills.

My ideal client will have had some toastmaster’s experience. If you are a lifelong learner with a burning desire to master the art of public speaking for personal and business advancement, I may be for you.

12 World Class Speaking Competencies

01. Storytelling

Being able to tell a story and make a point is at the heart of public speaking.

02. Selling

Every presentation is selling something whether it is an idea, product, service, or simply selling your audience on the benefit of listening to your message.

03. Process-driven

Instead of building themselves up, Great Speakers build up the processes (or formulas or systems) that will improve the condition of their audience members.

04. Next Steps

Great Speakers have a definite next step they want their audiences to take immediately following their presentation.

05. Anchor-driven

Great Speakers realize that “what’s loose is lost” and the best way to tighten their presentations is by using various anchors (i.e. stories, analogies, acronyms, activities, videos, etc.) to make their points memorable.

06. Begin with a Bang

Great Speakers understand the importance of the first 30 seconds of any presentation and they constantly open with a bang.

07. Succinct

Great Speakers realize that squeezing their information in squeezes their audience out. As a result, they never try to fit in too much information into one speech.

08. You-focused

Great Speakers know that it is never about what they give but always about what the audience gets.

09. Dynamic

Great Speakers use dynamic delivery skills that keep audiences engaged, energized, and wanting more.

10. Involvement

Great Speakers constantly get and keep their audiences involved from the beginning to the end of their presentations.

11. Staging

Great Speakers not only use the physical stage to clarify their message but they also use “Virtual Staging” to create the healthiest learning environments online and offline.

12. Research Driven

Great Speakers meet their audiences where they are by doing pre-speech research and by assessing the energy of the audience throughout the speech. This is how they get and stay connected.

What is your comfort zone, speaking to a few, a hundred, or thousands like in the picture?
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What My Students Are Saying

I learned if I begin a speech with a Bang,  the audience will be curious and stay with me to the end. Bruce went out of his way to ensure that I and his other students achieved their goals.

Michael R.


You taught me the skills to make a good speech into a great speech. When I joined the course, I never dreamed I could ever give a great speech. Thanks for helping me overcome the fears of looking foolish in front of an audience.

George S.


I realized that I was underestimating myself, and I learned with proper coaching I could be a much better Speaking than I thought. Thank you for the skills and boosting my confidence.

Bill H.


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